POS & Inventory Control Systems

Credit Card Processing

We’re committed to providing our users with state-of-the-art, EMV compliant card processing. Our fully integrated credit card solutions seamlessly communicate between the Booklog payment window and your chosen processing application and EMV compliant device. Choose between either our Verifone POINT or Mercury/Vantiv chip and pin solutions.

MX900 Series with Signature Capture

We’ve added the Verifone MX900 Series devices with signature capture to our credit card processing lineup. Capture signatures and store them digitally without keeping paper copies. With signature capture Booklog indefinitely maintains an electronic copy of the receipt complete with customer signature.

One Device for Signatures & Payment Authorization

MX900 series devices display the amount owed, allow your customers to swipe their card themselves, and enter their PIN or signature. College stores with rental programs will be happy to know that you can collect signatures for any payment type via the MX900 and even display rental agreements and collect signature acceptance. With a Near Field Communication (NFC) attachment, the MX900 can also take NFC payments allowing your customers to pay with their mobile phones.

  • Accept NFC payments (Smart Cards and Google Wallet)
  • Display rental agreement
  • Process payments and collect digital signature
  • Store signatures in your database, reprint at any time
  • Capture signatures for any payment type