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Retail Module Classes

Retail Module Classes

We offer our retail classes by appointment only. Scheduling is subject to instructor availability.

  • Booklog College Edition: An Introduction
  • Basic Inventory Functions
  • Basic Cash Register
  • Reporting: College Edition
  • Purchasing and Receiving


Booklog College Edition: An Introduction

Get off on the right foot! This class will give you an overview of Booklog and explain its major functions. We will also cover things that you need to know to run the store on a day to day basis.
Duration: 1 Hour & 30 Minutes

Basic Inventory Functions

From setting up Departments and Categories to managing your stock levels, this class will show it all. Find out what to do with your vendor file, how to make huge changes without hours of typing, and how to do dozens of other things you may not have even realized Booklog could do. This class will show you why the little things matter in Booklog.
Duration: 1 Hour

Basic Cash Register

Are you a new user who’s a little nervous about your store’s first day using the registers? Have you been using the register for a while, but wonder if you’re using it to its full potential? This class is a good introduction and refresher course for any Booklog user.
Duration: 1 Hour

Reporting: College Edition

In addition to remembering all of your customers and inventory, Booklog is keeping track of many other things that can help you run your store more effectively. This class will give you access to Booklog’s memory and show you different ways to look at the inner workings of your store.
Duration: 2 Hours

Purchasing and Receiving

This is one of our most popular classes. Booklog’s purchasing and receiving functions are easy to understand, but they can be even easier to use! This class will show you all the features available to you when you’re using these functions in Booklog.
Duration: 1 Hour