POS & Inventory Control Systems

General Merchandise

Even bookstores carry a healthy selection of sideline items these days. Booklog provides features to manage many item types.

Colors, Sizes, Styles, and Series

You can define an unlimited number of colors and sizes to assign to apparel or any other items. Items can also be identified as belonging to a particular series or style to track product lines within your inventory.

Order by Stock Number

Order by stock number allows you to order items by stock number even if you sell them by a separate SKU. Once you set a vendor to order by stock number, Booklog will create purchase orders using the stock number without changing SKUs on the original item.

Promotional Pricing

Setting up promotional pricing is easy. You set the dates to begin and end, select the items by department, category, vendor, or individually and let Booklog keep track of your sales. You can also save your promotion information so you can repeat sale events in the future without redefining your parameters. Promotional pricing can be applied to book items as well as general merchandise.